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Juke's Mum

From the bottom of my heart thank you!!! Without your continued support with Juke I honestly don't think he would be where he is today, your patience and kindness will never be forgotten. I will miss bringing him to you guys and I'm sure he will miss you. Thank you

Miya, Riley and Daisy's Parents

To all the wonderful staff at De Verdun, 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the amazing care you have given to our children over the last 7 years. You have helped each one of them grow into the bright, colourful characters that they are today. You have helped each of them develop and taught them many valuable life skills, watching them go through all of their milestones and sharing every moment with us. I am very sad to be closing this chapter in our lives but very grateful for all of the laughs and memories we have shared together. Daisy will miss coming to nursery and I know she will miss all of you very much. 

Miya's Parents

Yesterday our big girl graduated from Nursery 🎓 she first started when she was 1 originally with her Auntie Meg Meg so I never had to be nervous about a thing, then moved through from the baby room to tiny tots & finally pre school room - each time she moved up she was unsettled & it broke my heart but the staff there have always reassured her, wiped away her tears & made both me and her feel at ease.. we are so grateful for everything that the staff have done for Miya 🤗 Apart from the initial separating from Mummy she has had such a positive experience! 🌈📚 although she only goes one morning a week she’s made lots of lovely friends, sadly none of which she will go to school with but she will remember them & the memories they have made together over the past 3 years ☺️ 

thank you so much to all of the girls at De Verdun, Miya will miss you all ♥️

Teddy's Mum

HAPPY GRADUATION DAY to our little sunshine!🎓☀️♥️ I can’t believe his time at nursery/pre school has come to an end and soon he will be starting full time primary school with his big brother.

I just want to say thank you, to everyone at De Verdun who have made Teds time there such an important part of his journey so far, from when he started until now. He loves you and I’m sure many of you are going to miss him just as much as he will miss you. Thank you for not only everything you’ve done for Ted, but for Roman too. And for loving my boys as your own and helping them grow. (Maybe one day I’ll have a third child and we can do it all over again!🤣) but for now, thank you and love you all ♥️

Evie and Toby's Mum

Both my children have gone through the nursery from the ages of 1 to leaving at 4. I have been extremely happy with the care they have received from the baby room through to preschool. Both my children flourished from their time in the nursery and they both left as confident, happy children. The girls that work there have always been so helpful and on hand to offer advice and support. What I love about the nursery is how they integrate the children and transition them to the different rooms, which meant they got to know all of the staff and not just their key worker or the girls that worked in their room and I think this is what made them so confident. It is a wonderful nursery and both my children will miss it greatly. 

Hope's Mum

Hope has attended De Verdun Nursery since September 2018 at 9 months old. From that first day until her last she has absolutely loved every minute. The kindness, fun activities and happy enviroment you all have showed her through the last 3 years has played an essential role in her readiness for school and helped shape who she is today.

I cannot thank you all enough for the support and guidance you've shown to both of us. The handover, to the drop offs and pick ups, the newsletters and private facebook group pictures have been just wonderful.

Hope will miss you all terribly and so will I.

Lucy's Mum

Lucy has thrived during her time at De Verdun Nursery. All of the staff have been so supportive and really assisted in Lucy’s development. She is so confident and loves making friends which is all down to the environment she has experienced at nursery. She will miss you all so much - thank you for making her time at nursery so memorable. 

Miya's Parents

Our daughter has had such a positive experience at De Verdun over the past 3 and a half years! Gutted that she has finished there today, the staff have all been amazing with her & she has made lots of lovely friendships.. Thank you for always taking such good care of her! We will miss you all ♥ xxx

Charlie's Parents

Just a little note to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for us over the last 4 years since Charlie joined you as a baby, and now moves onto big school fully prepared and ready! You've all been amazing and a constant support through good and bad times. Charlie has thrived throughout his time with you all and made some lovely friendships along the way. Whilst starting school is exciting, we're also sad to leave this chapter behind, but we do so with fond memories of you all and can't recommend De Verdun highly enough! We are all going to miss you all but will keep in touch and hope to be back in the future if we are blessed again! Lots of love

Gypsy and Reggie's Mum

I would like to thanks all the staff at de verdun day nursery for all their hard work and support over the years .. when you walk in.theirs always a smiling face .. Thank You so much and we will miss you😘 

Thank you for all.your hard work over the years .. ive been dropping of picking up for 7 years so pleased.with all the hard work all.of the staff past and present have put in me.gypsy and reggie will miss you all. You give all the children the best start in life and confidence to grow on their future 😢😘 

Charlie and Ivy's Mum

The time has finally come 😢 my not so little boy had his graduation at nursery on Wednesday and today is his last day before heading off to big school in 6 weeks! Safe to say I cried like a baby whilst taking this video. Charlie started this nursery when he was 1 and now he’s almost 5. I cannot thank each individual lady enough at de verdun nursery for helping Charlie in every way possible. You’ve made such an impact on his life and I know he’s going to miss you all❤

Noah's Mum

I can't thank the nursery staff enough for everything that they have done for my little boy, he has had the most amazing time there. Today was his last day and he is going to miss going there, the staff are so welcoming and friendly and always help. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you've all done for my little boy.

Jessica's Mum

To all the staff at De Verdun nursery, thank you so much for looking after Jessica so well during her time with you. She is more than ready for primary school and it is lovely to know that you have all had a part to play in getting her there. With love, Claire xx

Frankie's Dad

I couldn’t and wouldn’t of wished a better environment or nursery for my son, no complaints or issues with the standard, staff or anything. He’s improved and came on leaps and bounds, the communication book is great and everything’s listed from times to foods he’s eaten. Both me and my partner and very happy with everything.

Isabelle's Parents

Isabelle absolutely loved her time with you and still talks about various members of the team regularly, she misses you all loads as do we. 

Thank you for everything you did for our girls. I can’t believe she starts school in September, you really have given them the best start in life and we will be forever grateful xx

Thomas' Parents

To all the wonderful staff at Nursery, thank you so much for everything you have taught Thomas. All of your experience and time has really helped him become the talkative, caring, kind and clever person that he is (even if he is chaos!) We will never forget you and the impact that you all have had on Thomas' life. We will miss you all, but we are sure you will enjoy a bit of peace and quiet! All our love, Emma, Stu and Thomas x

Zachary and Amelie's Parents

Thank you for everything you have all done over the past 5 years since Zachary started nursery and then Amelie too. They have both always loved their nursery days and never once moaned about coming in. You have all been amazing and have been a big part of their first few years. We will never forget you, you will be missed. Thank you again, Stacey, Hayden, Zachary and Amelie xxxx

Junior's Parents

Junior absolutely loves coming to nursery! He has made lots of new friends. All staff members are amazing with him and he loves to play with them all. He loves that he can go into all of the different rooms and explore. When Junior first started he has multiple food allergies and Danielle has been fantastic in dealing with them, I've felt safe and trust her completely. 

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